Solana Development #3


Alrighty, so now I want to see if I can figure out how to set up and use Metaplex. According to their Github, "Metaplex is a protocol built on top of Solana that allows creating/minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), starting a variety of auctions for primary/secondary sales, and visualizing NFTs in a standard way across wallets and applications."

Sounds cool! So looking at their github, it looks like we can do the following:

$ git clone https://github.com/metaplex-foundation/metaplex.git
$ cd metaplex
$ cd js
$ yarn install
$ yarn bootstrap
$ yarn start

After doing this, if I navigate to localhost:3000 I see this:

Metaplex Home Page Disconnected

So, just like with the Scaffold Dapp in part 2, I'm going to switch the network to devnet and connect my Phantom wallet. After doing this, now I see the following:

Metaplex Home Page Connected

Alright now we're getting somewhere!

Creating a Metaplex Store Front

So after clicking around a bit, it looks like I have the option to initialize a new store front. Let's try it out!

Initialize Metaplex Storefront

Very cool! So now it looks like I have this fancy new store front:

Metaplex Store Front

Now if I click on the create tab in the top right I see the following options:

Metaplex Create NFT

This is getting interesting. I'm going to try out selecting "Image" from the list:

Metaplex Upload Image NFT

So it looks like now I can upload the asset that I want to turn into an NFT, and Metaplex will store it using Arweave for decentralized storage.

Creating My First NFT on Solana

So now I just need to create a brilliant masterpiece from scratch. This may sound daunting, but luckily I'm actually an incredibly talented artist. After several grueling minutes in illustrator, here is my original masterpeice:

NFT Masterpeice

Wow, truly my mangum opus.

So I guess let's try this out and see what happens here. First I'm going to upload my beautiful artwork:

Minting NFT 1

Next, after clicking through a few screens and adding some additional information about my art, it looks like I can pay with SOL in a few transactions to finalize everything:

Minting NFT 3

Almost... done...

Minting NFT 4


Wow, so I guess I just created my fist NFT on the Solana devnet. Well that is pretty cool. Now if I go back to my items in the Metaplex app, I can see my fancy new NFT listed there:

Metaplex My Items

And it looks like I can click into my specific item as well now and view more details:

Metaplex My Item


Wow what a journey. So what did we learn today? Well, I still have no clue what I'm doing, and yet we've accomplished so much. I don't think I've written a single line of code yet in this series, and already we're out here minting NFTs (...or at least that's what I think I just did. Is this what "minting" is?).